2nd Annual Symposium on Poetry Criticism (July 28-30) Coming into Focus

May 20, 2011
From Jan Schreiber and David J. Rothman

This summer’s 2nd Annual Symposium on Poetry Criticism (July 28-30) is coming into focus. Most of the participants have told us what they want to address and we’ve begun to group them into sessions. Each speaker will have about 20 minutes to deliver a talk, which will be followed by another 20 minutes of discussion among the Symposium participants and the public.

Ernest Hilbert – “Shaping Free Verse”
Joan Houlihan – “The I as Great Imposter: Confession, Monologue & Persona”
Marilyn Krysl – “The Sestina, Ashbery, and Me”
David J. Rothman – “The Achievements of W. S. Merwin”
Jan Schreiber – “Sources of Delight: What It Is in Poems That Attracts Readers”
Marilyn Taylor – “Semi-formal Verse and Its Prosody”
James Matthew Wilson – “Classicism and Romanticism in 20th Century Poetry”
David Yezzi – “Poetic Structure and Joke Structure”

Read more about this impressive roster of speakers on the Critical Symposium page.

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